The CMME Project: Computerized Mensural Music Editing


CMME Repertory Access

Editorial Projects

The Occo Codex
Ed. Jaap van Benthem, Marnix van Berchum, Anna Dieleman, Theodor Dumitrescu, and Frans Wiering
Added 2008-12-01
A complete edition of the early 16th-century Occo Codex, MS IV.922 of the Bibliothèque royale de Belgique in Brussels

Projects in progress

The Sacred Works of Jachet Berchem
Ed. Marnix van Berchum
Added 2009-07-01; last updated 2010-08-27
A complete edition of the sacred works of Jachet Berchem (c. 1505-c. 1567)

The Bayeux Manuscript
Ed. Theodor Dumitrescu
Added 2009-07-01; last updated 2010-08-30
The monophonic chanson repertory preserved in Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale de France, MS Français 9346 (late 15th/early 16th century)

The Other Josquin: Music Excluded from the New Josquin Edition
Ed. Marnix van Berchum, Theodor Dumitrescu, Jesse Rodin, and Reinier de Valk
Added 2011-02-01; last updated 2011-06-30
Compositions of "doubtful authenticity" attributed to Josquin des Prez in primary sources

Miscellaneous editions (not in larger projects)

Forthcoming projects

George Waterhouse's Canons on the Miserere Plainsong
Ed. Denis Collins
The collection of over 1000 canons over the Miserere plainsong by George Waterhouse (d.1602)

Music from the Brussels Rotulus
Ed. Karl Kügle
14th-century French Ars Nova repertory transmitted in the music roll MS 19606 of the Bibliothèque royale de Belgique

A North-Italian Book of the Dead
Ed. Jean Duchamp
Hours and masses 'pro defunctis' from a 16th-century manuscript, including newly-discovered Requiems by Palestrina and Jachet.

Parody Masses from the Chapels of Albrecht V and Karl II
Ed. Pyrros Bamichas
A complete edition of Annibale Padovano's first book of five-voice masses (1573) along with masses from Munich manuscripts by Andrea Gabrieli, Ivo de Vento, and Anton Gosswein

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