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Ave caro christi cara
Costanzo Porta


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Ave caro Christi cara,

Immolata crucis ara,

Redemptionis hostia.

Morte tua nos amara

Fac redemptos luce clara

Tecum frui in gloria.

Ave verbum incarnatum,

In altari consecratum,

Panis vivus angelorum,

Salus et spes infirmorum,

Medicina peccatorum.

Salve corpus Jesu Christi,

Quod de celo descendisti

Et populum redemisti

Cum in cruce pependisti.

Jesu bone, fons pietatis,

laus angelorum,

gloria sanctorum,

spes peccatorum,

miserere nobis.

Salve lux mundi, verbum patris,

Hostia vera, viva caro,

Deitas integra, verus homo.

Ave principium nostre creationis,

Ave precium nostre redemptionis.

Ave viaticum nostre peregrinationis,

Ave solatium nostre expectationis,

Ave salus nostre salvationis,

qui hic immolaris pro nobis

et sanctificaris pro nobis.

Iuva dies nostros in tua pace disponi

et nos in electorum tuorum grege numerari.

Jesu bone, miserere nobis.

Hail, dear flesh of Christ,

Sacrificed on the altar of the Cross,

victim of our redemption.

Cause us, by thy bitter death

redeemed, to enjoy the radiant light

with thee in glory.

Hail Word made flesh,

consecrated on the altar,

living bread of the angels,

health and hope of the weak,

remedy of sinners.

Hail, body of Jesus Christ,

that camest down from heaven

and didst redeem the people

when thou hungest on the Cross.

Good Jesus, fount of pity,

whom the angels praise,

glory of the saints,

hope of sinners,

have mercy upon us.

Hail, light of the world, Word of the Father,

true victim, living flesh,

wholly Godhead, truly man.

Hail, beginning of our creation,

hail, price of our redemption,

hail, viaticum of our pilgrimage,

hail, comfort of our waiting,

hail, deliverance of our salvation,

who here art sacrificed for us

and art sanctified for us.

Help our days to be disposed in thy peace

and us to be numbered in the flock of thine elect.

Good Jesus, have mercy upon us.


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