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[no] 34
Haec est preclarum vas


Hec est preclarum vas paracliti spiritus sancti
hec est gloriosa ciuitas Dei
hec est mulier virtutis que contriuit caput serpentis
hec est sole speciosior luna pulcrior aurora rutilantior stellis preclarior
hanc peccatores deuote adeamus
rea pectora tundamus dicentes.
Sancta maria
clemens et pia
Domina nostra
fac nos tuis precibus consortes celestis glorie amen.
She is the bright vessel of the Holy Spirit, the paraclete.
She is the glorious city of God.
She is the woman of virtue, who wounded the serpent's head.
She is more splendid than the sun, more beauteous than the moon, more shining than the dawn, brighter than the stars.
Let us go to her, sinners, with devotion,
Let us beat our guilty breasts, saying:
Holy Mary,
Merciful and devoted,
Our Lady,
By your prayers, make us partakers of heavenly glory. Amen.

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