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O salutaris hostia


Transcription by Frans Wiering

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Source Loc. Title Voices Attribution
O Salutaris hostia


BrusBR IV.922
O salutaris hostia incipit: BrusBR IV.922


Source: Hymn "Verbum supernum prodiens", stanza 5

O salutaris hostia
Que celi pandis ostium
Bella premunt hostilia
Da robur fer auxilium
O saving Host,
You who open the gate of heaven -
Hostile wars press upon us -
Give strength, bring aid.

Editor's Commentary

This anonymous setting of O salutaris hostia is interleaved with the one by Pierre de la Rue in its only source, BrusBR IV.922. The simplicity of this syllabic, homophonic setting of the text relates it to Weerbeke's composition, though this one is slightly enlivened at the beginning by the lengthening of the word "O" and in the last phrase by some contrapuntal elaboration - the final cadence in particular, which is preceded by two suspensions in the superius. The style seems consistent with a date of composition around 1500.

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